Contestant Wins $145,000 On Wheel Of Fortune, Donates It All To The Less Fortunate

A contestant on Wheel of Fortune donated his entire $145,000 in winnings to charity.

Scott Kolbrenner of Encino, California, was a contestant on Thursday night’s Wheel of Fortune.

Kolbrenner had won $45,000 in cash and prizes during the regular rounds of play before correctly guessing the bonus puzzle and collecting the $100,000 Grand Prize.

He donated his $145,000 in prize money to be split between Uplift Family Services and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

“While I hoped I would do okay on the show, I never thought that anything like this could happen,” Kolbrenner said, reacting to his big win.

“I got lucky that day and knew right away that I wanted to share my good fortune. So, I decided to contribute all of my winnings to Uplift Family Services and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, whose services support thousands of families. The fun and memories from the day will stay with me forever, but the urgent need in our community cannot wait.”