Fla. Firefighters Rescue Cat That Was Stuck in a Tree for More Than a Week

A Florida cat is safe and sound after spending a week in a tree in Pensacola, thanks to the firefighters who rescued it on Thursday night!

Authorities told WKRG that the rescue took over an hour, as the orange tabby cat kept moving out of the firefighters’ reach.

After three attempts, firefighters were able to use a ladder to get high enough to save the feline, WKRG reports.

Business owners told the news station that the cat had been in the tree for over a week.

After the cat was safely on the ground, it enjoyed some much needed water and a little snack — spaghetti!

The firefighter who rescued the cat couldn’t keep it, so the department released it to animal control, authorities told WKRG.

However, animal control paid homage to the firefighter by giving the cat his name, Paul, WKRG reports.

It’s not clear yet whether Paul will be put up for adoption and, if so, when.